What is a distance measure?

  • A distance measure is simply a means of calculation between two points or objects. An objective score that summarizes the relative difference between two objects in a domain space.

Why is it important to know what a distance measure is?

-Distance measures have many applications in machine learning, for both supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

Two such instances are:

  1. K Nearest Neighbors (supervised)
  2. K-Clustering (unsupervised)

In the KNN algorithm, a prediction is made for new points by calculating the distance between the new example (in this case row) and all examples (other rows) in the…

As Aristotle one famously mused, music “makes the hearts of men glad: so that on this ground alone we may assume that the young ought to be trained in it.”

No doubt, there has been a heap of research, particularly in the last 40 years, done regarding the effects on music on the human psyche. In particular, researchers have been interested in determining to what extent music influences creativity, comprehension, and memory.

If you retain nothing else, let this blog convince you, my reader, that incorporating music into your coding life can only be beneficial .Just as in machine learning…

Pandering to the Data Science Student Masses

There are a variety of ways to do things in pandas — translation: This is both a blessing and a curse. The novice user of Pandas (ie. me) can easily get confused. So while there exists probably more than one way to do any of the following these are the methods I found the least intimidating.

Create a Random DataFrame (Quickly!):

  • Say you want to give an example or how to do something in Pandas, but you don’t want to bother scrolling through endless folders to find an existing dataset to work with. Solution: Create one with Pandas!
  • Using the — pd.random.rand() — you can…

Ice Cream and Pickles

For those of us just starting out in our data science journey, working with Python and Jupyter Notebooks can be a bit daunting. Codespeak sometimes reads like Japenese and trying to search for useful tips among the plethora of StackOverflow information can be be utterly overwhelming. The following is dedicated to fellow food lovers and those on lunch break simply looking for tips to make your life easier and to optimize your time.

Here are two tools I found useful:

1) Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a python library that takes the print() function and optimizes it, making your output more readable.


Lera Alexandrovna

Trying to be a Data scientist. Regretting it.

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